a bit about me...

a childhood growing up in the English countryside, a degree in Fine Art, diplomas in horticulture and Garden Design, foreign adventures, an inquisitive nature and a love of the great outdoors are all sources of inspiration for my work, as is the beautiful setting in France where I now live

my prints and patterns are inspired by nature, rooted in classical design principles and imbued with a fresh, contemporary aesthetic. I always strive to retain the hand-drawn character of my original drawings and my aim is to create a mood through colour and rhythm that transports us from the hustle and bustle of modern life

I love to create patterns and illustrations that tell a story and are particularly suitable for textiles, stationery, quilting, paper goods, packaging, wall art and home decor

clients include Dashwood Studio, Big Wheel Press, Harrods, Workman Publishing, Padblocks, Lily & Loom, Haynes Besco and Hallmark